Hosted Review Services

Without the need of an investment in hardware or software, we can host your review in a platform of your choice.

Let's make one thing clear - we aren't here to sell you our magic "industry leading" review platform. When it comes to choosing really anything, there are three things which are important: time, cost, and quality. By letting your team work with the platform, which they know, and used in the past, we save time, and therefore reduce cost, while keeping consistent quality.

While many other eDiscovery providers will try and force you into their "platform", which often is simply a re-branded Relativity, you may be overpaying several times over our hosted review price. If you are our managed service or project-based service client, we will load the files into your review platform of choice, whether it's Relativity, Ipro, LAW, Nuix, or any other.

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