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Our consulting services are meant to educate your team on best records management practices, based on your geographical and industry laws and regulations. We can evaluate and address your technological infrastructure, review your IG policies, improve and add-on to your workflows and make your organization prepared for any litigation or investigation.

Poor Information Governance practices end up in storing too much information, quickly adding up in storage costs and making eDiscovery an expensive nightmare.

We want to help your organization effectively store relative and sensitive information in the most effective and secure way, reducing overall storage cost and potential eDiscovery expenses. Our experts will help your team identify sensitive information, such as Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, and Personally Identifiable Information. We will quarantine it and make sure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands, and create safeguards to prevent such information from being improperly stored in the future.

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Allocating key data and setting up procedures to securely and timely dispose of outdated and irrelevant data is the key in reducing storage expenses and creating a litigation-ready workflow.


The average year-to-year growth rate of corporate data.


The approximate cost to store one Terabyte of data for one year.


Approximate cost to review one Gygabyte of data.


The number of firms to store over 1 PB of data by 2020.


Percentage of data to pass through or live in cloud by 2020.


Average cost of a data breach, or about $194 per leaked record.

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