Managed eDiscovery Services

We tailor a bespoke eDiscovery service package for each client. Our experienced project managers know exactly how to deliver value, results, and maxed ROI.

The old model of eDiscovery is dead. Massive IT infrastructure in-house and licensing expensive software, that requires skilled maintenance, updates, and expert operation is resulting in inflated costs, security risks, and overall inefficiencies. Fully or even partially outsourcing your eDiscovery needs will add scalability, provide savings, and promote innovation.

Our managed services allow the following:

  • Includes processing, indexing and review database creation
  • Fully managed by Outsource personnel
  • System accessible 24 / 7 / 365
  • Provided at predictable or fixed cost
  • Eliminates costs for hardware and software

When your organization requires an end-to-end, managed eDiscovery solution, there is no better choice than Outsource eDiscovery.

Processing Choices

There is no such a thing as a "silver bullet" for eDiscovery processing. Whether it's Logikcull, Nuix, or another tool, we let it do what it does best.

Review Platforms

There are a number of different review platforms, and we want to make sure your legal team has the access to the platform it knows well. Thus, we have all.

Cloud or On-Site

Depending on your industry, compliance, and security preferences, you might require hardware on premises to conduct processing and/or review.

Full or Partial Outsourcing

We want to enable you to get as much or as little, as your organization requires. Our specialists will tailor your service to your needs, maximizing our partnership benefits.

Predictable or Fixed Cost

Our managed services are available in two difference pricing models - predictable and fixed. We have the pricing solution your company requires.

24/7/365 Support

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Tell us about your project

Let us put all your eDiscovery headaches in the past

Our experienced project manager will review your request and will quickly follow up with a proposal, or if necessary, request of additional information. 


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